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It's not a proper oldschool website without a cool guestbook. Leave a little message in there and tell me about your ToN adventures!


See what has been changed in this website! Bunny is working hard!


I got some help working on this website. Check out all the names who provided assistance in this page!

Save Manager

Saving trouble with saves? Check out Kittenji's Save Manager! Makes your life MUCH easier!

ToN Tracker

Awesome ToN tracking website made by Cinossu!

Alpha Build

Take a look at some picture of the old build from October 2022!

Patreon Wall

Having trouble finding yourself at the patreon wall? This page will help you! It's a bit out of date, though.

Tierlists & Stuff

ToN Item Tierlist Maker

Check out this tiermaker by Shikikan and share your questionable opinions to everyone! NOTE: This is from older version of ToN.

ToN Terror Tierlist Maker

What about this terror tiermaker by Wispy? Which nightmares do you like the most?

ToN Location Tierlist Maker

Another tierlist from Wispy, this time some locations!

ToN Location Popularity Game

Which one is the best?!

VRChat Groups

Official ToN Group

Want to find games easily? Join this VRChat group made by Salbug!

ToN Oldschool Fan Website Group

Like this website? Join the group to show it!

Rift Gardens

This is Beyond's own group, join in if you like their creations!