12th March 2024 - Changelog

Welcome to suffering!

Terrors of Nowhere is a VRChat world created by Beyond. In a nutshell, in this horror themed world, you attempt to run away from nightmares for about three minutes and avoid getting killed. If you manage to survive, you can visit the shop to buy items which increases (or sometimes decreases in some cases) your survival. The world is filled with interesting little secrets that this website (or as some people like to call it, wiki) provides.

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Truth to be told, this wasn't supposed to go anywhere originally. Just a little shitpost that would be quickly forgotten. Instead, the website has gained over 150,000 visits and over 900,000 hits. Not entirely sure how the hell but here we are.

This "wiki" has been created by hand. Just me (and people who have contributed), plain HTML/CSS and my trusty Notepad++. I felt like the website wouldn't had the charm if I used any website creators. I like my websites not-so-modern which is why this site is hosted on Neocities.