Nightmare Index: WHITENIGHT
  • "At last, paradise"

  • TIER: 3
  • METHOD: Entity known to convert those it has blessed into Apostles that act in its name. The entity itself will wither the minds and life of those around it; hoping for victims to succumb to its power.
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  • It takes the form of a newborn fetus, though the appearance is so grossly grotesque, it's hard to even call it a fetus. While communication is possible, it doesn't occur in a normal way.
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  • WHITENIGHT originates from Lobotomy Corporation, created by Project Moon. Music and sounds created by Project Moon. WHITENIGHT & Apostles model, textures, and animations created by Beyond.
  • Speed Requirement: None
  • Stunnable (WhiteNight): No
  • Stunnable (Apostles): Yes (long)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Regen Coil
  • 2. Antique Revolver
  • 3. Metal Bat/Rubber Mallet
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  • Discouraged Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
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  • The Apostles attack with varying speed each time. While running through them is usually safe, best not to test it and be proven wrong.
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