Apocalypse Bird
Nightmare Index: Twilight
  • TIER: 9
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  • The day when Big Bird’s eyes that could see hundreds of kilometers away, Long Bird who could judge any sin, and Small Bird’s mouth that could devour anything united as one, darkness fell upon the forest. Creatures screamed in terror and fear at the sight of the bird, and the forest soon fell into mayhem.
  • Then, in the middle of all the chaotic cries, some shouted: “It’s the beast! A big, scary monster lives in the black, dusky forest!”
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  • The beast is here? The three birds, now as one, looked around but there was no one to be seen. The bird began to prowl the forest, looking for the beast. The forest would be in trouble if the beast really showed up.
  • But there was nothing. There were no creatures, no sun and moon, and no beast. All that was left was just a bird and the Black Forest. Since then, there were only nights dark as pitch.
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  • Rumor says there is a terrible beast in the Black Forest.
  • Speed Requirement: Regen/Glow Coil (but faster recommended)
  • Stunnable: No
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Regen Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
  • ----------------------------

  • Discouraged Items
  • 1. Delicate Coil
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  • The greatest danger here is Apocalypse Bird's lamp, causing a massive slow aura that can allow it to make up for its otherwise low speed.
  • High speed coils or utilizing terrain to slow it down is your best option. Be wary of it teleporting close suddenly,
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: ???
  • Music: Elden Ring - Godrick the Grafted
  • Death Tip: "You were crushed by Apocalypse Bird's claws. Try and stay away from its front end if you have to approach it."