Nightmare Index: Solstice
  • TIER: 10
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  • If you want me to be honest, she was the weakest of us. The first day after launch she had already locked herself in the bathroom crying about how 'we would never go home'.

  • To her credit, she was partially right. As much as we tried to make her feel at home in our new green prison, I think she never really clicked with anyone else.
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  • The first time we saw and escaped big red, she was sleeping. Nobody wanted to tell her that we were in danger, so we didn't. She never really questioned why we were spending less time in new worlds, but I think she knew something was up.

  • One day though, we had a close call with it, and as expected, she didn't take it well. She was yellingg and stuff, but we had just chalked it up to another one of her emotional outbursts.
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  • Maybe she thought that if she could give it what it wanted, it would let her go home. Or maybe she just hated us that much that she would rather die than keep runningg.

  • Watching everyone from up here bound by my chains, I wonder if she's still somewhere out there.
  • Speed Requirement: Unknown
  • Stunnable: Yes (short)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. ???
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  • Solstice starts with 260 seconds on the timer. Pandora has 4 phases to its round.

    During Pandora´s first phase, it will be called “Passenger”. Pandora creates a dark fog on the map while chasing players at a moderate speed. Pandora has 7 attacks. Pandora can be stunned for a short amount of time.

    If a player is at a medium range from Pandora, it may use an attack very similar to Security´s wave dealing heavy damage, a ‘pull´ that will pull players towards Pandora dealing low damage, or a beam where Pandora will fire a laser similar to Prisoner, which will then split into 3 and slowly rotate about 45 degrees in front of it dealing medium damage and also burning players. Pandora can move during the wave attack and the pull.

    If a player is within melee range of Pandora, it has 3 variations of its claw attack it can use. One of these variations will attack twice. These claw attacks deal medium damage and also knock players away from Pandora. Additionally, it also has a slam attack that will create an aura of Swarm flies around it which linger for a short time after the attack. Pandora can move during the claw attacks, but not during the slam.

    After the time reaches around 180 Pandora will stop and create an orb, which will send players to a new map and begin the second phase of the round. Pandora can only send players to the first 32 maps.

    During Pandora´s phase two, Pandora´s name will be revealed and the dark fog will become green. Pandora is also much more resistant to stun weapons.

    Whenever the player is teleported to a new map, if the player has no active debuff, they will gain 10 seconds of regeneration and short invulnerability after spawning. Shortly after spawning into the new map, barriers will randomly appear throughout it.

    Barriers are impassable by players, but Pandora can move through them. It is easy to get trapped in small areas by the barriers.

    Pandora will gain a speed boost, and Pandora´s beam attack and its pull attack will become much stronger. Additionally, Pandora will spawn “Solstice Moon” which is a massive moon in the sky. Pandora will appear at the thorn for each map transition.

    The Solstice Moon has 2 attacks that it will use randomly. The moon can pulse and create a bunch of tears in the sky that then fire lighting downwards. Areas where lightning will hit have particles prior to the lighting strike. The lighting deals heavy damage and also inflicts slowness. Additionally, the moon can charge up a powerful laser that will sweep through random parts of the map, dealing heavy damage and inflicting slowness.

    After the time reaches around 130 Pandora will stop and create an orb, which will send players to a new map and begin the third phase of the round.

    Phase three is very similar to phase 2, except Pandora as well as the moon will become more aggressive and have slight speed boosts.

    After the time reaches around 90 Pandora will stop and create an orb, which will send players to a new map and begin the final phase of the round.

    Phase four is very similar to its other phases, except Pandora as well as the moon will become even more aggressive. Additionally, Pandora will gain a massive speed boost during its final phase. This will continue until the end of the round.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: 200
  • Music: Wisp X - Atma
  • Death Tip: "You were killed by Pandora."
  • Death Tip (Beam): "You were killed by Soltice Moon´s beam."
  • Death Tip (Gravity Pull): "You were killed by Pandora´s Gravity Pull."
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  • Pandora´s real name is unknown.
  • The unlock requirements for Solstice are alluded to in Backrooms.
  • Pandora´s attacks are based off the Seer killers attacks. Additionally, teleporting is the ability of the Overseer, and Pull is her own ability.
  • Pandora´s entry is the only mention of Ve´Kuyre, which is implied to be the name of the Green Bus itself.
  • The Sabotage round type being green is a reference to Pandora´s betrayal.
  • Pandora used to use your name as its name for its first phase, which was to represent Pandora as a former passenger much like the player.
  • Pandora´s creation was heavily inspired by Apostle from Midnight Horrors, as there was originally not going to be a 4th moon boss.