Nightmare Index: Shinto
  • "It’s Shinto, not Shitno."

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Victims are eaten by the Shinto. Enjoys punishing cheaters and those with malicious intent. [UPDATE]: It’s laughing at us now whenever it sees us watching it.
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  • Ok, I’m sorry I called it ‘Shitno’, but can you really blame me? I mean, look at it! It looks like shit! He’s clearly messed up or something! What? It’s a girl? You mean I’ve gotten its name wrong AND I’ve been misgendering it?!
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  • Shinto / Shitno created by Bandubs. “Shitno” created by Adam McHummus, the Innuendo and Saster
  • Speed Requirement: Speed Coil or better
  • Stunnable: Yes (long)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
  • 3. Regen/Glow Coil
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  • Keep an eye out for Shinto's glowing head in the fog. If you can hear its footsteps, you are probably too close to escape at that point.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: ???
  • Music: Adam McHummus - Shitno
  • Death Tip: "You were killed by Shinto. Keep your distance from Shinto, as it'll catch up very quickly."