Nightmare Index: Sawrunner
  • "Happiness, Stress, Anxiety."

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Entity known to use its chainsaw to rip into victims. Effective against victims with past trauma, or victims that have regrets.
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  • Entity is a masked man wielding a chainsaw. He runs frantically, trying to mutilate anything in its path. It’s unclear what its intentions are, as the many masks it wears have many contradicting expressions.
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  • Sawrunner originates from Cry of Fear, created by Team Psykaller. Model, texture, and animations created by Andreas Rönnberg.
  • Speed Requirement: Speed Coil or better
  • Stunnable: Yes (short)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
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  • Sawrunner will scream and move much faster after seeing someone. It can be outran without any speed if you stay out of its sight well enough.
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