Lunatic Cultist
Nightmare Index: Lunatic Cultist
  • "You have no idea"

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Variety of elemental spells. It is effective at wearing down victims, catching them off[ ]guard and blasting them with its magic.
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  • A fanatical leader hell-bent on bringing about the apocalypse by reviving the great Cthulhu through forbidden rituals. Whether or not its great “Moon Lord” ever existed in the first place cannot be confirmed.
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  • Lunatic Cultist from Terraria, “Breaking The Seal” by ENNWAY!
  • Speed Requirement: Regen/Glow Coil or better
  • Stunnable: Yes (medium)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Regen Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
  • 3. Metal Bat/Rubber Mallet
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  • Discouraged Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
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  • Fireballs can be dissipated with stun tools. Many of Lunatic Cultist's attacks can also be dodged by moving behind them.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: ???
  • Music: ENNWAY! - Breaking The Seal
  • Death Tip (Lightning): "You were killed by Lunatic Cultist’s lightning. It can be avoided by strafing to the left or right, as it will always fire straight."
  • Death Tip (Ancient Light): "You were killed by Lunatic Cultist’s Ancient Light. When you see it using Ancient Light, sidestep to avoid being hit."
  • Death Tip (Fireball): "You were caught in the blast of a Cultist Fireball. Try to avoid being near them when they expire!"
  • Death Tip (Ice Pulse): "You were caught by Lunatic Cultist’s ice pulse. Try not to move through Lunatic Cultist."