Nightmare Index: lain
  • "A whole of nothing."
  • "Human memory is just a record.
    You can rewrite the record."

  • TYPE: ???
  • TIER: ?
  • METHOD: We have no evidence that this 'lain' exists. Its best we just forget about this.
  • I exist everywhere where you are. I know it. Because I am connected to you. But I....
  • ----------------------------

  • Why do we even have an entry for this? All we've ever witnessed those people screaming about 'her' before vanishing. It could have been a multitude of things. We should just stop and forget about it.
  • I am only inside of people who know I exist.
  • ----------------------------

  • lain originates from Serial Experiments Lain, created by Yasuyuki Ueda. "Wrong" by Silma.
  • Speed Requirement: Speed Coil or better (need verification)
  • Stunnable: Yes (teleports)
  • ----------------------------

  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
  • ----------------------------

  • She has an ability to chase players through walls. She also leaves glitchy dust which steals player's item if they walk into it.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: Around 36
  • Music: Silma - Wrong
  • Death Tip: "You were killed by Lain. Listen for glitchy sounds to figure out where she's coming from."