HER, again!
Nightmare Index: HER
  • "Once again, deception"

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Known to manifest to lonely individuals. Will use deception to get closer to its victims, before stealing their spirits so that it can be with victims forever.
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  • The entity originates from a computer program known as "imscared.exe"; which is available for purchase on a popular videogame service "Steam". It may be impossible to stop this entity due to how widespread it is.
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  • HER, WHITEFACE, and imscared created by Ivan Zanotti. All assets created by Ivan Zanotti. Animations by Beyond.
  • Speed Requirement: None
  • Stunnable: No
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Regen Coil
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  • Discouraged Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
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  • Staying near HER will stop her from teleporting. As such, speed coils aren't very useful.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: ???
  • Music: imscared OST - Near
  • Death Tip: "You were removed by HER. She can be difficult, but just try to keep her close."