Opila Bird about to eat a bunny
Nightmare Index: Garten Goers
  • "I don't think anyone asked for these."
  • "But here they are."

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Victims are killed in a multitude of ways. What remains consistent is that physical remains are little to none afterwards.
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  • A group of hideous unoptimized creatures found deep underground beneath a kindergarden. They seem sentient to some extent, and follow their leader "BanBan" on wacky adventures or something.
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  • Models from Garten of BanBan; reduced from 250k triangles to 5k triangles by Beyond. The absolute banger "Joyous" is made by churgney gurgney.
  • Speed Requirement: Unknown
  • Stunnable: Most of them?
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Speed Coil
  • 2. Stun items
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  • Multiple enemies and they do stuff, I did this page at 1AM - I demand more headpats so I can update this part.
Other Info
  • Enkephalin Reward: 18-23
  • Music: Churgney Gurgney - Joyous
  • Death Tip (BanBan): "You were killed by BanBan. He will chase a target down, but stunning him can cause him to go for someone else."
  • Death Tip (Opila Bird): "You were caught by Opila Bird. Opila Bird will charge you if it catchs sight."
  • Death Tip (Jumbo Josh): "You were caught by Jumbo Josh. Moving through Jumbo Josh is not recommended."
  • Death Tip (Jumbo Josh, NOM): "You were eaten by Jumbo Josh."