Death Screen
Nightmare Index: Comedy
  • "Can't you see the funny side?"

  • TIER: 3
  • METHOD: On any direct line of sight, it will instantly attack anything it believe is alive, devouring them whole. It's thought that things it eats are compressed and crunched into its tiny thin body almost instantly.
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  • A familiar yet distorted tune can be heard anywhere it's nearby, making it easy to locate. Entity's origin is unknown, but may be linked to the popular internet meme "Troll Face" as the smile it exhibits vaugely resembles it.
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  • Model & Textures by Mantibro. Animated by Beyond. Go check out Manti's GMod Gamemode, SlashCo! "Something Has To Happen" by Mister Scoops.
  • Speed Requirement: None
  • Speed Requirement (when chasing): You are dead
  • Stunnable: No
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Radar
  • 2. Any Coil
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  • Discouraged Items
  • 1. Baseball Bat/Rubber Mallet
  • 2. Antique Revolver
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  • Looking at Comedy is harmless, but if you can see him, he probably also sees you, and as such will charge. Keep close to corners.
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