Nightmare Index: Blood Moon
  • TIER: 10
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  • Its only purpose is to destroy its target system, but it never could. When it failed, it would simply get up and try again.
  • It was abandoned by its creator, and left to fulfill its hopeless mission. It slowly tore through the system, but would always fail at the end.
  • When it was eventually found and released from the machine, a copy of the Virus still remained inside the machine, left to do battle for eternity.
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  • The system, SparkGate, was said to create new universes. She had wanted to harness that power to bring back someone from her faint imaginary memories of a past life.
  • The machine is held at a lone abandoned BRACE facility now; left inactive and rotting; with a lone Virus still inside, destroying what´s left of it.
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  • We have confirmation that the SparkGate in question is from Iteration 951-302[,] which has already been activated. As the Virus is an unprecedented variable in its activation, we may need to reconsider the status of Iteration 951-302.
  • Speed Requirement: Can't outrun
  • Stunnable: Yes (very short)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Emerald Coil
  • 2. Corkscrew Coil
  • 3. Medkit
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  • Virus spawns with 250 seconds on the timer.

    When Virus spawns in, there will be an initial buildup as the screen turns reddish. Virus has two phases, the second phase also having two variations.

    Virus chases players at a very high speed and has a variety of attacks. If a player is at about medium range, he will usually use his grapple to pull players towards him before following up with an attack immediately. Virus has 2 variations of his grapple pull, one where he will slide and grapple before following up with a swing dealing heavy damage and knockback, and another where he will pull the player into his sword instantly killing them.

    When Virus is within melee range, he will use one of three variations of his attacks. He has a single swing, a double swing, and a jump/spin swing. All of these swings deal heavy damage and inflict knockback. Virus can move during all of his attacks.

    In his first phase, Virus will be equipped with three drones. These drones will block any attempts at stunning Virus at the cost of destroying the drone. If all the drones are destroyed, Virus can be stunned and the round timer will be decreased for every successful stun afterwards.

    Once the timer hits 80 seconds, Virus will shift into his second phase, which changes behaviours depending if there are drones left.

    If Virus has any drones, Virus will break off the drones and they will act as patrol killers, chasing down players. The Virus Drones deal low damage rapidly when in contact, and also possess a ranged attack where they charge up and fire a beam that instantly kills players on contact. Virus will also remain stunnable, but will no longer have the round decrease mechanic.

    If Virus has no drones left, Virus begin glowing red and emit a global sinister laugh. Virus will no longer be stunnable and gain a massive speed boost. This remains until the end of the round.
Other Info & Trivia
  • Enkephalin Reward: ???
  • Music: Heart Plus Up! - Fated Insurrection
  • Death Tip: "You were cut up by Virus. Virus has no weaknesses."
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  • A program created by Karol.
  • The incarnation of Virus encountered in ToN is what he was while invading the virtual space of the SparkGate.
  • Index entry is pretty straightforward.
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  • Virus was a community suggestion by SolarVoid, as Virus ended up becoming popular after their Bus To Nowhere appearance.
  • Virus originates from an unfinished bullet hell called ARCH as the protagonist. Additionally, an ARCH poster can be seen in Fishbowl.
  • The Blood Moon was originally going to be against the Red Merchant before Virus took their place.
  • Virus often causes people to get stuck outside the map due to its grapple mechanics.
  • Virus was considered the hardest killer for a while during early development.
  • Virus´s original unlock requirement required completing a Midnight with above 100 EPH as the reward. It was changed due to it being too confusing.