Nightmare Index: All-Around-Helpers
  • "Cleaning in progress"

  • TIER: 2
  • METHOD: Victims are torn to shreads by its blades, which spin at very high speeds slicing anything that gets in its way. Entity itself appears to be under the impression it is cleaning, but is doing quite the opposite.
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  • As machines have no morals of their own, there was no clear boundary between good and evil. People used to be afraid of machines in the beginning, but a mechanical rebellion soon became a myth of the past in our world..
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  • All-Around-Helper originates from Lobotomy Corporation, created by Project Moon. Music and sounds created by Project Moon. Model and animations created by Beyond.
  • Speed Requirement: Unknown
  • Stunnable: Yes
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Stun items
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  • 3 wanderers, don't deal contact damage initially, but spin up into a cleaning mode for a short period, dealing rapid damage to those they contact. Can be stunned out of this.
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