Teleporter (feat. Kannoli)
Bloody Teleporter Bloody Teleporter
Bloody Teleporter Bloody Teleporter (feat. Drummerboy120)
Pale Suitcase Pale Suitcase
Pale Suitcase Pale Suitcase (feat. BombardToo)
Item: Teleporter
  • A device picked up from one of the many locations the Green Bus has visited.
  • It’s nature can make it an unreliable yet very effective escape.
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  • On use, teleport to a random location on the map.
  • Has a small delay on use.
  • Must recharge after usage.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 125 Enkephalin
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  • Usefulness highly variable on map. On larger maps such as Robland or Blackspace can easily get you reliably out of jam. On somewhere like Elevator or Fishbowl however... not so much.
  • Possesses two variants, the Pale Briefcase, acquired from surviving an Alternate and a new Bloody Teleport from Bloodbath survival.
  • Pale Briefcase has longer cooldown but has a better and longer swiftness buff.
  • Bloody Teleport recharges quicker, but drains your HP on use.
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  • Teleporter was one of the first items scripted in Terrors, alongside Speed and Regen Coils.