Sealed Sword
Sealed Sword (feat. Nimblecat)
Item: Sealed Sword
  • An ancient weapon. It is covered in cloth and talismans, designed to absorb both blessings and curses alike.
  • The weapon is clunky and slow. I wouldn’t recommend using it.
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  • On use, swing and stun a Terror. Applies Slowness to you.
  • Stun effect varies greatly between Terrors.
  • Successful stuns result in yellow particles.
  • Failed stuns result in red particles.
  • Must recharge after use.
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  • Unlock Requirement: Can be broken out of a case in Museum with a stun tool
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  • Strictly worse than a Metal Bat, with both a slower swing and inflicting slowness when swung. A challenge item of a kind. When brought to Arkus, can awaken into better versions depending on your choices.