Rock (feat. Troupe Master Grimm)
Item: Rock
  • Doesn’t look like any rock i’ve ever seen before. Don’t feel like one, either.
  • Don’t think you’ll want this, stranger. Sometimes I hear this thing whispering to me.
  • ----------------------------

  • Physically throw the rock to stun Terrors.
  • No cooldown, but you have to pick up your rock. (no recall!)
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  • Unlock Requirement: Acquired from surviving Fusion Pilot
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  • Functions the same as the Brick.
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  • Rock is a reference to the item of the same name from one of the most popular Terraria mods, Calamity, which in turn is a reference to a different mod called "Avalon".
  • Originally to acquire Rock, you had to survive Bliss. Then it got moved to Roblander (as Bliss received an item), then it finally got moved to Fusion Pilot when Roblander also got an original item.