Regen Coil
Regen Coil (feat. Why.Mee)
Item: Regen Coil
  • The Regen Coil provides a source of healing to the wielder whilst also providing a good amount of speed.
  • While slower, passengers who use this coil’s survivability are not to be underestimated.
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  • When held, the player gains 2 points of speed.
  • When held, HP regeneration is 4x faster.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 125 Enkephalin
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  • While not as fast as the Speed Coil, against bosses who utilize chip damage, this effectively negates them while still providing enough speed to be useful against most.
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  • Regen Coil was one of the first items scripted in Terrors, alongside Speed Coil and Teleporter.
  • There was a skin called Pale Coil in an older version of ToN and you obtained it by surviving Alternate with Regen Coil. However, it no longer exists in the game.