Radar Coil
Radar Coil (feat. Hesch)
Item: Radar Coil
  • A strange mixture of the Radar and a Speed Coil.
  • Due to its lack of a screen, it’s difficult to tell where the danger is coming from. Though; it’ll make sure you know.
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  • When held, the player gains 2 points of speed.
  • When held, the radar will pick up Terrors within 35 meters of the user. Radar updates its distance every 0.8 seconds.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 50 Survival Points
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  • Its effect is of debatable use given the fact that if a Terror is that close already, you almost assuredly know where it is.
  • That being said, once the player reaches 50 SP, this coil becomes a good starter item in similar way that early patreons grab the Luxury Coil upon joining the instance.
  • Radar Coil provides a noticeable speed boost when detecting a Terror.