Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost (feat. Yolky)
Item: Paradise Lost
  • Some weird staff, seems to be powerless without faith in the right deity
  • Can't say what religion this belongs to though, but if you figure it out I'm happy to give it to you.
  • ----------------------------

  • Stun killers that are a short range in front of you.
  • Heals other players that it hits.
  • Hurts user on use.
  • ----------------------------

  • Unlock Requirement: Acquired from beating the shit out of Apostles in one round.
  • Metal Bat/Colorable Bat/Rubber Mallet: 7 hits
  • Antique Revolver/Pale Revolver: 14 hits
  • Everything else that stuns: 12 hits
  • ----------------------------

  • This item is primarily a support item and its offensive capabilities are just a bonus.