Metal Bat
Metal Bat (feat. SilverTakashi)
Bloody Bat Bloody Bat
Bloody Bat Bloody Bat (feat. CosMicz)
Metal Pipe Metal Pipe
Metal Pipe Metal Pipe (feat. Ikrium)
Justitia Justitia
Justitia Justitia (feat. Butterbunni)
Item: Metal Bat
  • This bat is a weapon for those who are brave enough to challenge the Terrors. Internal electronics help it damage Terrors.
  • It may not work against stronger or incorporeal Terrors.
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  • On use, swing and stun a killer.
  • Stun effect varies greatly between killers.
  • Successful stuns result in yellow particles.
  • Failed stuns result in red particles.
  • Must recharge after use.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 200 Enkephalin
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  • Allows the user to Stun particular Terrors. Grants a short moment of invuln when swung, boosts your speed for a short time after a successful hit, and takes around 15 seconds to recharge.
  • Charge time increases with players in the lobby, but in lower populated lobbies it can be a potent tool allowing players to shut down Terrors from chasing for a time. It's use requires practice, however.
  • Around 50% of the Terror roster has an effect when stunned.
  • Possesses four variations, in the form of the Bloodstained (from Bloodbath survival), Metal Pipe (from Alternate survival), Justitia (from Midnight survival) and Colorable Bat (from Cracked survival). To get the variants, one must use the base bat, Colorable Bat or Rubber Mallet.
  • Bloody Bat provides a faster recharge the less HP you have. However, it's initial cooldown is longer.
  • Metal Pipe has slightly longer cooldown but it has the ability to hit multiple Terrors at once.
  • Justitia works similarly to Bloody Bat but additionally swings three times in one animation.
  • Colorable Bat works exactly like the base bat, but as the name suggests, you can color it at the shop!
Colorable Bat Colorable Bat
Colorable Bat Colorable Bat (feat. Regikazih & THEDAO77)