Maxwell (feat. Dark_Desire)
Item: Maxwell
  • One of the old gods of creation.
  • He has many names, but only one is fitting for one such as himself.
  • He has taken pity upon your plight; and will help you as you have helped him.
  • ----------------------------

  • Once per round, absorb fatal damage and teleport away with full HP.
  • Maxwell will be consumed after this and must be respawned at the shop.
  • ----------------------------

  • Unlock Requirement: Found in Its Maze (spawns once per round)
  • ----------------------------

  • All around useful, but the lack of speed or stun power can quickly spell your doom afterwards if you're not careful.
  • ----------------------------

  • Maxwell used to have the same music track as Darkgrey Plush but now Maxwell plays the tune usually associated with this cat.