Emerald Coil
Emerald Coil (feat. DSMT)
Item: Emerald Coil
  • This coil runs off what you’ve been collecting. Turns out, Enkephalin is a pretty useful resource.
  • While useful, it doesn’t last long as fuel, so use this sparingly if you wanna survive.
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  • On use, charge coil for 2 seconds at the cost of 5 Enkephalin.
  • While charged, gain 6 points of speed.
  • Won’t work if you don’t have Enkephalin.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 2500 Survival Points
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  • With enough funds, is by far one of the best items in the game, allowing you to outrun several Terrors that typically cannot be outpaced, such as Starved or Virus.
  • However, every usage should be carefully considered. Do you want to lose that Eph? Will this round be a net loss if you do? Is survival or funds more important?