Divine Avenger
Divine Avenger (feat. AfterSpice
Item: Divine Avenger
  • A holy sword created in another time to arm knights who fought against the legions of the Underworld.
  • There are few foes remaining in this world that are worthy enough to be defeated by such a fine blade, and there are even fewer heroes worthy of wielding it.
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  • On use, swing and stun a Terror.
  • Stun effect varies greatly between Terrors.
  • Successful stuns result in yellow particles.
  • Successful stuns grant regeneration.
  • Must recharge after use.
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  • Unlock Requirement: Acquired by facing Arkus with the Sealed Sword and surviving after hitting them at least two times.
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  • When unlocked, you can't unlock Gran Faust anymore. It is heavily adviced to keep backup saves in case you want to unlock Gran Faust instead.