Delicate Coil
Delicate Coil (feat. Lullaby Trace)
Item: Delicate Coil
  • If you thought the Glass Coil was risky, this thing will downright shatter in your hands.
  • Some people have died to its glass explosion; so I don’t suggest using this unless you’re willing to risk it.
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  • When held, the player gains 3.8 points of speed.
  • Any damage taken will kill the user.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 1000 Survival Points
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  • Its speed makes it extremely good for bosses who typically just instakill anyways.
  • For bosses with chip damage, it's best to just put it down. Putting it down at the start of the round is always recommended due to WhiteNight's existence.
  • There is an extremely brief moment for Delicate Coil user to survive static/aura damage, but it's better for you to avoid them in the first place.
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  • Delicate Coil was inspired by an item with similar risky characteristics in Risk of Rain 2 called "Shaped Glass". Picking it in Risk of Rain 2 doubles your damage, but in return halves your HP and can be stacked.
  • When the player dies with the Delicate Coil, the death hint says: "You shattered into pieces".