Chaos Coil
Chaos Coil (feat. Balisticturtle)
Twilight Coil Twilight Coil
Twilight Coil Twilight Coil (feat. DiabloSAVG)
Item: Chaos Coil
  • The Chaos Coil is distorted with otherworldly energy, unable to stay in one place for too long.
  • The coil, while providing a massive boost of speed, is very unstable and is not reliable.
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  • When held, the player gains 4 points of speed.
  • When moving, the coil may sometimes break for 2-7 seconds.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 200 Enkephalin
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  • Grants a lot of speed. However, occasionally breaks for a couple of seconds. Sometimes breaks can happen one after another, other times you get plenty of time to zip around. An item for the gambler in us all.
  • Surviving Apocalypse Bird with the Chaos Coil gives you Twilight Coil. With it, you go faster than with Chaos Coil, but it breaks more often.
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  • There is a misconception that Chaos Coil used to fix at random times in older builds. This is not true, but not entirely false either; It always fixed itself in about 3~ seconds but at times half a second earlier. This was most likely a bug.