Brick (feat. MaraRizer)
Item: Brick
  • There ain’t anything a good old brick can’t solve.
  • You might need practice throwing it, but it’ll be worth it. Just don’t drop it, you might not get it back.
  • ----------------------------

  • Physically throw the brick to stun Terrors.
  • No cooldown, but you have to pick up your brick. (no recall!)
  • ----------------------------

  • Unlock Requirement: 10000 Survival Points
  • ----------------------------

  • Causes a stun with even minor force. Must be picked up manually after use.
  • Against numerous Terrors, this is by far one of the best items in the game, allowing permanent stunlocks. Its power cannot be understated, though it takes much practice to get used to.
  • But given the Terror lacks a hitbox when stunned and has an average or longer stuntime, they're not the boss anymore. You are.