Antique Revolver
Antique Revolver (feat. Davidconrad13)
Pale Pistol Pale Pistol
Pale Pistol Pale Pistol (feat. Frusttration)
Item: Antique Revolver
  • An old worn revolver. It looks like it could break apart at any moment. Its cylinder is only capable of holding a single bullet, and getting the bullet in is very difficult.
  • Just one will do.
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  • On use, fire the revolver and stun Terrors.
  • Stun effect varies greatly between killers.
  • The bullet will pierce through multiple Terrors.
  • Must recharge for a long time after use.
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  • Unlock Requirement: 250 Enkephalin
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  • Allows the user to Stun particular Terrors from range. Fires a single bullet with piercing properties, allowing it to stun multiple Terrors in a single shot. Takes 30 seconds to recharge.
  • A bit more niche than the Bat, but being able to disable Terrors from range can allow good support of far away teammates, as well as the ability to safely stun entire crowds of foes, especially useful for the likes of With Many Voices or LifeBringer.
  • Possesses a Pale variant by surviving Alternative round with the gun. Shooting and hitting with the Pale Pistol gives a temporary speed buff, but it has a longer cooldown.
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  • There used to be a variant that you obtained from surviving Bloodbath. However it didn't look cool compared to Pale Pistol which everyone favored anyway so Bloody Revolver was removed.