Squidward on Spawn
Death Screen
Nightmare Index: Squidward
  • "All I really want is to live in a world"
  • "Where I can relax, in peace."

  • TIER: 1
  • METHOD: Entity will not attack unless approached while in a docile state. The entity will completely tear through victims with its tentacles.
  • ----------------------------

  • Entity originates from a cursed episode of Spongebob; said to contain a clip of Squidward [REDACTED]. Not much known about the episode, as it has been lost to time. Entity seems to be very depressed.
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  • Red Mist Squidward texture, animations, sounds and model all from Slender Fortress. Original creator of Red Mist Squidward is unknown.
  • Speed Requirement: Luxury Coil or better
  • Stunnable: Yes (short)
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  • Recommended Items
  • 1. Glass/Delicate Coil
  • 2. Speed Coil
  • 3. Regen Coil
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  • If you approach Squidward while he is crying, he will activate sooner; however, the second 'squidward apparition' will not appear if enraged this way, so it may be ideal to activate him early.
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